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Can Spring Cleaning Mistakes Endanger Your Safety?

If you are planning to do some spring cleaning in the next few weeks, it is essential to avoid making mistakes that can endanger your safety. When cleaning products are used incorrectly, chemical reactions can occur. Some of these chemical reactions may result in serious injury or death. The following examples are common spring cleaning mistakes people make with these products. Never Mix Bleach with Other Cleaning Products Bleach is great at what it is designed to do – clean and sterilize surfaces. However, it can create deadly chemical reactions when mixed with other products. Chlorine gas is produced when bleach is mixed with acidic products. This is a common mistake people make when cleaning toilet bowls. They will buy a toilet bowl cleaning product that contains acid, and then mix it with bleach. Another common mistake is to mix drain cleaners from different brands. Mixed together, this may also…
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Truck Accident Causes Part 4: Can Health Conditions Raise the Risk of a Truck Crash?

There are several health conditions that may cause commercial drivers to crash their trucks. Although multiple conditions have been identified, truckers are not always screened. Some health problems have become hotly debated topics among lawmakers and transportation safety officials. The following conditions in this blog are common among the population, including commercial truck drivers. However, some of the conditions mentioned in this blog can be screened for and are treatable. Screening for and treating these conditions may prevent commercial truck accidents. Can Sleep Apnea Cause Commercial Truck Accidents? Last year, a study conducted by the Harvard University discovered truckers with sleep apnea had crash rates five times higher than truck drivers without the condition. This health condition causes interruptions in breathing during sleep. People with sleep apnea may not realize they have the condition. They may experience excessive daytime drowsiness and difficulty concentrating. In some cases, they may doze off…
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What Are Possible Consequences of Social Media Mistakes Made During Spring Break?

One of the worst spring break mistakes is to make careless posts on social media. Clogging your Facebook or Instagram feeds with unprofessional or unflattering posts may lead to consequences that follow you for life. Your relationships with family, or obligations to school administrators or employers can also suffer damage. What you post online will never go away. Think of the following consequences of social media mistakes before you hit the post button. Depending on what you post, you could be fired from your job. For example, if your employer sees photos of you drinking heavily, it may reflect poorly on your professional life. This is especially true for people who hold professional licenses, such as teachers, nurses or lawyers. Posting anything deeply unprofessional, whether it be a photo or regular status update, may end with you losing your job. Texas is an “at-will” state, which can make it easier…
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