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Should School Buses Have Seatbelts?

A recent school bus crash in Tennessee has reignited a debate on whether these vehicles should have seatbelts. Last week, six children died and a dozen more were injured when their school bus flipped over and wrapped around a tree. Authorities believe the bus driver was speeding at the time of the accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), seatbelts could prevent deaths and injuries caused by school bus accidents like the one in Tennessee. At the moment, there is no federal mandate requiring large school buses to use the same three-point seatbelts found in most cars. Six states have laws requiring school buses to use seatbelts. While Texas is one of those six states, most districts have not installed seatbelts on school buses. Seatbelts are mandatory on some school buses, but only if the Texas legislature reimburses school districts. In 2009, the Texas Legislature approved $10…
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Can You Avoid Buying Defective Consumer Products this Holiday Season?

Holiday shopping has commenced. Over the next month, billions of hot products will fly off the shelves and wind up as gifts at family gatherings. If you are about to start shopping, please be aware that defective consumer products can pose a significant safety risk. Recent history is full of examples. Hoverboards gained notoriety during last year’s holiday season after several reports of fires and explosions. In one case, a defective hoverboard almost burned down a house. Earlier this year, Samsung captured headlines over reports its Note 7 could explode and catch fire. The Federal Aviation Administration banned Note 7’s from being carried on flights. Children’s toys may also pose dangers, even without defects. A recent Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) report claims toy injuries resulted in 11 deaths and more than 185,000 visits to emergency rooms in 2015. All injuries and deaths affected children under 15 years old. Some…
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How Does Texas Prevent Drunk Driving Accidents?

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) claims our state leads the nation in drunk driving accidents. According to MADD, 1,337 people in our state lost their lives to drunk driving in 2013. Another 15,687 suffered injuries. Our state also has a high rate of drunk driving arrests. Texas had 64,971 DWI arrests in 2013. That is almost twice the number of people who live in Lufkin. While Texas does have a high number of drunk driving accidents and DWI offenders, our state does have solutions in place to protect the public. Our state has ignition interlock requirements for first-time offenders, educational programs for college and high school students, and other regulations that can prevent drunk driving accidents. Do Ignition Interlock Devices Prevent Drunk Driving Accidents? Texas changed its ignition interlock laws in 2015. As of last year, the court may require first-time DWI offenders age 21 and older with a BAC…
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