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What If I Was Injured by a Product That Didn’t Have a Warning Label?

Product manufacturers creating products that have the potential to cause harm or serious injury are under obligation to make sure consumers are aware of these safety risks. Instructions that do not demonstrate how to use a product safely, or don’t address potential safety hazards associated with the product may be illegal. These defects are known as marketing defects. Another type of defect is a design defect, which happens when the manufacturer makes a dangerous product that is hazardous even when used properly. The third kind is a manufacturing defect, which happens when a manufacturer makes an error creating the product, causing a hazard that was not included in the product design. What Are Some Common Defective Products? Auto components: vehicle ignition systems, fuel systems, accelerators, airbags, seatbelts, tires, brakes, and child seats are common recalled items. Children’s toys: Toys often have choking hazards, or other safety risks associated with use….
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Why Are Midsize SUV Headlights Failing Safety Tests?

Recent studies, completed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, suggest that many midsize SUV’s headlights are lacking in quality and safety. Headlights are critical to road safety, and factors such as how much visibility is created by the headlights, and how much glare is caused by the headlights were tested. The majority of vehicles were found to produce too much glare for sufficient night driving safety. Car manufacturers are responsible for providing safe products. Crashes are much more likely to happen at night, even though there is much less traffic on the road. Safety Tips for Driving at Night Vision correction: Human vision is much worse at night. Make sure you have correctional lenses on if you do not have perfect vision. Anti-glare lenses can help increase vision quality and safety while driving at night. Stay awake: Driver fatigue is a huge contributor to road accidents. Make sure you…
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Details About the Takata Airbag Recall, the Largest in U.S. History

You may have heard about the Takata airbag recall, an issue affecting 42 million vehicles in the United States with exploding airbags, but do you know the details about the case? The recall has been ongoing since 2013, and has continued to grow in scope during its lifetime. A long road riddled with safety negligence and unaccountability make the number of vehicles that are affected difficult to track. Announced in April 2013, initially only six vehicle makes were identified as being affected. Reports have come out that Takata and Honda have allegedly known about the dangerous airbags since 2004, but failed to report the issues. A Takata plant in Mexico was found to be allowing a defect rate that was six to eight times the acceptable limit. One of the main contributors to the shrapnel explosions is high humidity, and many vehicles in hot and humid climates have had to…
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