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The Costs of Motorcycle Accidents

Posted On January 19, 2011 In Legal Information

Motorcycles are a fun form of recreation and an efficient method of transportation. A motorcycle can provide a relaxing scenic ride, and not much parking room is required. They are also extremely fast and sometimes difficult for vehicle drivers to see. When there is a collision, the motorcycle and its rider usually end up in the worst condition.

Physical injuries may be long term and costly. There will also be expensive motorcycle repairs and lost time from work. When motorcycle accidents occur, an experienced Lufkin injury lawyer can assess your legal claims and provide aggressive representation.

Physical Injuries and Repair Bills

Careless riders, poor road conditions or vehicle drivers who fail to watch for motorcycles can cause motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles can sneak into a car’s blind spot because it can be hard for vehicle drivers to hear an approaching motorcycle.

Even protective gear such as a helmet, gloves and a heavy jacket cannot fully protect a rider in a high-speed accident. Gear can mitigate injuries to a certain extent, but an ejection from the motorcycle can result in a harsh impact. Emergency rooms commonly deal with head injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken limbs and internal organ damage.

Motorcycle accident injuries may require extended hospital stays, which means time away from work. In addition to lost wages, there are insurance claims and liability issues to handle. There are also long-term costs such as physical rehabilitation and therapy. The extreme injuries can result in death and a subsequent wrongful death action.

In addition, there will be damage to your motorcycle. The repair bills can run into the thousands of dollars and require a lot of time to fix. There is also the possibility that the motorcycle could be a totaled. You want to make sure that you and the other parties have adequate insurance coverage.

Motorcycles are fun and represent a certain lifestyle to many people. There are also inherent risks that the rider should not take lightly. Responsible riding at safe speeds is crucial. Be aware of your surroundings and the road conditions. Taking a motorcycle rider safety course, either for the first time or as a refresher. If you are in a motorcycle accident, contact a Lufkin injury attorney to receive answers to any questions you will have.

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