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Can Trucking Companies or Truckers Be Shut Down for Safety Violations?

Posted On December 7, 2016 In Truck Accidents

Not all trucking companies or commercial truckers are unsafe, but there are bad apples. Take for example the case of a Connecticut-based driver who crashed his truck while drunk and changing his pants. The trucker told police he had turned on the vehicle’s cruise control at 63 miles per hour, and then stood up to continue reading

Why Should You Call an Attorney After an Auto Accident?

Posted On December 5, 2016 In Personal Injury

It is common to make mistakes after an auto accident that can jeopardize your ability to secure funds needed for recovery. Once these mistakes are made, they can be very difficult, and sometimes impossible to correct. Mistakes can include failing to recognize the seriousness of an injury, discussing details with insurance adjusters, or overpaying medical continue reading

Should School Buses Have Seatbelts?

Posted On December 2, 2016 In Personal Injury

A recent school bus crash in Tennessee has reignited a debate on whether these vehicles should have seatbelts. Last week, six children died and a dozen more were injured when their school bus flipped over and wrapped around a tree. Authorities believe the bus driver was speeding at the time of the accident. According to continue reading

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