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Are Trampoline Parks Becoming Hotspots for Injuries?

Posted On November 7, 2016 In Personal Injury

Trampoline parks have become notorious for causing injuries to children. A study published in the medical journal Pediatrics claims trampoline park injuries have increased in recent years. The study used data from a government injury surveillance program operated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). If you have not heard of trampoline parks, they are continue reading

Do You Know How to Avoid Accidents with Wildlife?

Posted On November 2, 2016 In Local Car Accidents

Accident data collected by insurance companies show that Texas drivers are more likely to hit deer in November than any other time of the year. Accidents with wildlife involving other types of animals are even more daunting to motorists. Imagine accidently hitting a large bear or hog! In that case, it’s a good idea to continue reading

If You Thought Exploding Phones Were Bad….

Posted On October 31, 2016 In Local Car Accidents,Product Liability

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has nothing on the explosive Ford Pinto. In the 1970’s, the Ford Pinto became a notorious fixture on the evening news due to reports of exploding fuel tanks and burn deaths. Ford’s Pinto also remains a textbook example of how companies sometimes put profits ahead of lives. It also remains an continue reading

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