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Are Chemical Companies Poisoning Our Environment?

Posted On April 10, 2017 In Helpful Information

chemicals in fast food wrappersA few years ago, Denmark faced the difficult task of replacing popcorn bags that use grease resistant fluorinated chemicals called PFOA’s. These chemicals have been found to accumulate in human organs if ingested. Chemical manufacturing companies can be at fault, such as Dupont in West Virginia, where over 3,000 people filed personal injury lawsuits after local water sources were tainted with PFOA’s from a chemical spill. Dupont had to pay over $670 million for damages while producing Teflon, the substance used to coat pots and pans. These chemicals have been linked to multiple cancers, thyroid disease, and high cholesterol after ingesting. Facing backlash, companies have started using alternatives that are often derivatives of the same chemicals. These can still be dangerous for human health. Keep reading below for how to keep yourself safe from contaminants in your area.

How To Protect Yourself From Local Chemical Manufacturers

  • Know your environment: Knowing major chemical manufacturing companies, the products they produce, and keeping up with local product safety and environmental news can help you know if something hazardous is in your area.
  • Chemical manufacturers misstate facts: Representatives for chemical companies have stated that the alternative “shorter bonded” versions of the PFOA’s are not harmful, and use them instead. However, studies exist on these newer versions of the chemicals that say otherwise. They cannot break down in nature, so they are found pretty much everywhere that is exposed to them.

If you live near a plant that produces products such as fast-food wrappers, Teflon, or other known dangerous substances, monitor your health. If you think your health may have been damaged by a local manufacturer, let us know your story.

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