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What Types of Evidence Could Be Used in a Truck Accident Case?

Posted On November 27, 2017 In Truck Accidents

Truck accident evidence could come from many placesTruck accidents may be caused by one or more factors. Commercial trucking companies may hire unqualified drivers. In other cases, drivers were impaired or exceeded their hours of service limits. Therefore, an attorney could have multiple sources of evidence to pursue while litigating a truck accident claim. During a truck accident case, an attorney may pursue multiple types of evidence that include:

  • Driver logs: Commercial truck drivers are supposed to keep logs that record pre-trip inspections and hours of service compliance. Logbooks could be combined with other evidence to show fault after an accident.
  • Driver records: Truck companies keep detailed information on file about their drivers. Records may show if a company hired and retained a driver that was unqualified to operate a commercial vehicle.
  • Witnesses: Truck accidents can have several witnesses. An attorney can speak with these witnesses to help establish why an accident occurred. Accident reconstruction specialists or other experts could also be used.
  • Drug tests: Failed drug tests may be an indicator that a driver was impaired after an accident or unqualified to operate a commercial vehicle.
  • “The black box”: Commercial trucks also have “black boxes.” The electronic control module (ECM) may record speed, hard stops and driving time. These are only a few examples. What is recorded depends on the truck, but newer ECMs may record additional information.
  • Cameras: Depending on where the truck accident occurs, there may be camera footage that shows what happened. Commercial trucks may also have internal cameras that record what drivers were doing before crashing.
  • Social media, email or text messages: Emails, text messages or social media posts may be uncovered and used as evidence in some cases.
  • Company records: Other types of company records or electronic communication could be useful during a truck accident case.

Can an Attorney Help Me File a Truck Accident Claim?

There are more examples of evidence we could include in this blog. However, these are widely known examples that might be used during a case. Truck accident claims require skilled attorneys with experience investigating these cases. If you or a loved one were hurt during a truck accident, then our attorneys could help you discover who is responsible. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to file a claim for damages against the trucking company or other parties.

The Texas truck accident attorneys at Mike Love & Associates, LLC have experience investigating and handling truck accident claims. Our attorneys can review your claim at no cost during an initial consultation.

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