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Could a Tip-Over Accident Occur in Your Home?

Posted On October 12, 2017 In Personal Injury

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) statistics show that tip-over accidents cause an injury every 15 minutes somewhere in the US. According to the CPSC, more than 33,000 emergency room visits per year are caused by tip-over accidents. A tip-over accident can occur when top-heavy furniture, such as a bookcase or television, falls on someone. For continue reading

Did You Know About These Two Hidden Vehicle Dangers?

Posted On September 18, 2017 In Personal Injury

Automakers are required by law to issue recalls for defective auto parts. However, there are instances where dangerous vehicle features are not considered defective by regulators or automakers. In these cases, recalls may not be issued by automakers and consumers may be unaware these dangers exist. The hidden vehicle dangers that will be discussed in continue reading

Can Homeopathic Products Be Dangerous for Children?

Posted On September 11, 2017 In Personal Injury

Homeopathic products are marketed to the public as alternative medicines that can treat various health problems. However, in recent months, some of these products have been linked to injuries and deaths. Homeopathic magnetic bracelets are the most recent product of concern. These bracelets are marketed as a way to improve blood flow and “electromagnetic energy continue reading

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