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Six Types of Truck Accidents in Texas

Posted On March 19, 2018 In Uncategorized

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) statistics show truck accidents cause more than 3,000 deaths on US roads each year. There are various types of truck accidents that are responsible for deaths and injuries. This is true for truck accidents in Texas and across the US. Possible causes of truck accidents include:

  1. Underride accidents: Underride accidents are when smaller passenger vehicles are forced underneath the back or side of tractor trailers. Vehicles can be sheared in half and their occupants may be decapitated.
  2. Rollover accidents: Trucks can tip over and slam into other vehicles. Rollover accidents involving commercial trucks can occur for several reasons. For instance, cargo shifts can cause a truck to rollover while making a sharp turn. Taking sharp turns at high speeds could also cause this type of accident. Rollover accidents may happen during severe weather or when trucks slam into other objects.
  3. Jackknifing accidents: These types of accidents may occur when truckers hit the brakes and their trailers shift outwards in an “L” or “V” shape. Slippery road conditions may cause jackknifing accidents.
  4. Lost load accidents: Motorists could be hit by objects while driving behind trucks. There are a couple of reasons why lost load accidents can happen. One reason is that cargo may not be tied down properly. However, poor maintenance practices could also cause a lost load accident. Equipment from a truck could come loose and hit other drivers.
  5. Tire blowout accidents: Poor maintenance practices or objects in the road can blowout truck tires. Truckers may lose control and crash into other vehicles.
  6. Head-on collisions: Truck drivers can slam head-on into smaller vehicles. The results are almost always devastating. Drowsy driving can cause this type of accident. Truckers may crash into other vehicles if they are impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Questions About Truck Accidents? Call Our Texas Truck Accident Lawyers

You should speak to an attorney right away if you or a loved one were harmed in one of the types of accidents described above. In some cases, truck accidents are caused by the negligent actions of commercial drivers, their employers or auto parts manufacturers. You could speak with one of the Texas truck accident attorneys at Mike Love & Associates LLC to determine whether you would be able to pursue compensation against one or more of these parties.

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