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Attention Parents: Halloween Injuries Could Happen to Your Child

Posted On October 26, 2018 In Personal Injury

Millions of children in the United States are looking forward to Halloween at the end of the month. Halloween is a free-for-all for children to receive free candy. For parents, it is an opportunity to meet neighbors. However, you should be aware that this holiday can also lead to injuries. Common Halloween injuries may include:

Slips and falls. Don’t expect your neighbors to properly maintain their properties. Broken walkways, clutter, and other hazards could contribute to slips and falls. Brain injuries and broken bones are two examples of injuries that could occur after a slip and fall accident.

Dog bites. Don’t expect your neighbors to lock up their pets before trick-or-treating begins. Many owners have a habit of assuming their dogs will be friendly with strangers. Unfortunately, dogs may interpret trick-or-treaters and their parents as intruders. Dog bites are a possible Halloween hazard.

Car accidents. Motor vehicle accidents are more likely to occur on Halloween (or other holidays in general). There are typically more vehicles on the road. Drunk driving is also more common on Halloween. Unfortunately, this means that pedestrian and car accidents could lead to injuries or even death while trick-or-treating.

Halloween decoration injuries. Believe it or not, Halloween decorations can also contribute to accidents. Heated surfaces, candles or other types of decorations may pose fire hazards. Halloween costumes made of flammable materials can ignite when they come into contact with fire hazards.

Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to recover compensation for a Halloween-related injury. For instance, a premises liability claim could be filed for some of the situations described above. It would depend on the specifics of the case. This is why you should consider speaking with an attorney if you or your child suffer harm on Halloween.

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