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With the Holidays Coming Up, Do You Know About Texas Drunk Driving Liability?

Posted On December 21, 2018 In Local Car Accidents,Personal Injury

December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. With major holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve coming up, work parties and celebrations with friends and family are prevalent. Unfortunately, drunk driving is also a prevalent safety concern around the holidays.

Who Is Responsible for a Texas Drunk Driving Accident?

A drunk driver could face criminal charges for impaired driving and causing injuries to someone else, but that would not recover compensation for the victim. The victim of the accident could have a viable claim to recover compensation if he or she can prove that their injuries and damages were caused by the drunk driver.

Texas also has dram shop laws that hold businesses liable for accidents caused by intoxicated customers. For example, if a person who has been drinking at a restaurant for their work holiday party drives home and gets into an accident with another vehicle, then the restaurant who provided the alcohol could share responsibility for the car accident. Not only could the other driver potentially have a claim against the drunk driver, but they could also have a claim against the restaurant.

A business could be held liable for a drunk driving accident caused by a customer if:

  • The customer was a minor under the age of 18;
  • The customer was visibly intoxicated enough to be a danger to himself or other people;
  • The customer’s intoxication was an immediate cause of the accident.

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