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Can Football Concussions Cause Permanent Brain Damage?

Posted On September 4, 2017 In Personal Injury

Many Texans consider football to be an important part of our culture. Plenty of movies and books have been written that describe Texas football culture in detail. However, this is a sport that should be treated with both respect and caution. In some cases, football concussions can put players at risk of suffering permanent brain continue reading

When Is a Truck Company Responsible for an 18 Wheeler Accident?

Posted On August 31, 2017 In Truck Accidents

Large commercial trucks are much more likely than other vehicles to cause catastrophic injuries and deaths. These massive commercial vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when they are fully loaded. For this reason, truck companies and commercial drivers are required to be compliant with state and federal regulations that help prevent truck accidents. Unfortunately, continue reading

How Do I Check for Motor Vehicle Defects?

Posted On August 30, 2017 In Helpful Information

Millions of vehicles are recalled in the US each year for defects that may cause catastrophic injuries and deaths. For example, General Motors’ (GM) faulty ignition switch may be responsible for an estimated 124 deaths and 274 injuries. Vehicles with this defect could lose power while they were being driven. As a result, the airbags, continue reading

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