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How Do I Know If a Recalled Product Caused an Accident?

Posted On May 8, 2017 In Local Car Accidents

Auto recalls happen on a regular basis, and many owners of vehicles with recalled parts may not even find out about the recall until months later, or have a used vehicle with a recalled part they didn’t know about. In many cases, vehicle manufacturers do not advertise recalls to the majority of the public. Vehicles continue reading

Why Texas School Buses May be Unsafe

Posted On May 3, 2017 In Local Car Accidents

Every car has seat belts, it’s the law. If you are caught without your seat belt in Texas, you will be fined and a minor caught without a seat belt is an even greater fine. Seat belts save many lives every day, and you would assume since Texas state law has made wearing seat belts continue reading

How Do You Know if Negligence Was Involved In a Bad Weather Car Accident?

Posted On May 1, 2017 In Local Car Accidents

Bad weather greatly increases the risk for an accident. Determining who is at fault in an accident is usually an issue of negligence. east Texas is especially prone to bad weather. Severe thunderstorms and hurricanes can create flash floods within minutes. Driving in these conditions requires a higher level of care needed to keep everyone continue reading

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