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The Impact of Drunk Driving in Texas

Posted On July 23, 2010 In Legal Information

Around 1,500 Texans die each year in drunk driving accidents, accounting for nearly half of all driving deaths. Unfortunately, in 2010, that trend appears to be holding true. Earlier in the spring, a drunk driver killed a 41-year-old Houston motorcyclist. The drunk driver turned left in front of the oncoming motorcyclist. Witnesses said that the continue reading

Holding Companies Responsible for Defective Products

Posted On June 23, 2010 In Legal Information

Defective product lawsuits cover a wide range of problems that consumers experience. An Alabama woman sued Apple a couple years ago after she purchased an iPhone 3G because of advertisements touting “twice as fast for half the price.” When the woman started using the phone, however, she found that her internet connection, e-mail, and text continue reading

Preventing Texas Construction Site Injuries

Posted On May 27, 2010 In Legal Information

Despite improvements in technology and workplace training and awareness, construction work remains one of the most dangerous fields of employment. Workers face a variety of dangers everyday they report to the job as demonstrated by recent injuries and deaths covered in the news across the country. Each of these examples occurred in the past few continue reading

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