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The Top 5 Most Costly Auto Insurance Policy Mistakes

Posted On April 3, 2017 In Helpful Information

It is easy to make mistakes while setting up your auto insurance policy. Insurance agents may try to steer you away from plans that provide the best coverage to lower your premium and win your business from competitors. Contracts also contain language and terms that you may find confusing. As a result, you may be continue reading

Lawn Mower Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Posted On March 27, 2017 In Helpful Information

Last week, our blog discussed how cleaning products can be misused with tragic results. There are additional spring cleaning tips that are necessary for staying safe. Lawn mowers can cause catastrophic injuries or death, sometimes without any warning. According to statistics collected by the Academy of Pediatrics, lawn mowers injure 68,000 people every year. More continue reading

Can Spring Cleaning Mistakes Endanger Your Safety?

Posted On March 22, 2017 In Helpful Information

If you are planning to do some spring cleaning in the next few weeks, it is essential to avoid making mistakes that can endanger your safety. When cleaning products are used incorrectly, chemical reactions can occur. Some of these chemical reactions may result in serious injury or death. The following examples are common spring cleaning continue reading

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