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What to Do After a Work Accident In Texas

Posted On July 21, 2018 In Workplace Accidents

Workers compensation is a Texas state regulated system that helps provide certain benefits after a workplace accident occurs. The benefits received may include medical, disability or death benefits. Employers who are not subscribed to workers compensation insurance lose out on certain protections, such as escaping liability for a lawsuit. If you’re living in Texas, then continue reading

How to Get Injury Coverage If Your Employer Doesn’t Carry Workers’ Comp

Posted On June 26, 2017 In Workplace Accidents

Many workers in Texas have jobs that do not have medical coverage for their workers in the event of a workplace injury. Employers are not required to carry workers’ compensation under Texas law. A serious injury sustained at work can take you from being able to support yourself, to going into debt very quickly. Not continue reading

What Should I Know If My Employer Doesn’t Offer Workers Comp?

Posted On May 10, 2017 In Workplace Accidents

Many Texas employees work for non-subscribers, meaning that the employers they work for do not offer workers compensation. In Texas, offering workers comp is not required. However, this does not mean that you do not have options for getting compensation in the event of a serious work-related injury. You can get the financial help you continue reading

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