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Federal Government Blocks Sales of “Autopilot Buddy” Systems

Posted On July 7, 2018 In Personal Injury

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) delivered a cease and desist letter to a company responsible for creating the Autopilot Buddy. Autopilot is a semi-autonomous driving feature that is found in Tesla vehicles. Autopilot Buddy is being sold to Tesla drivers to disable the safety function that recognizes when both hands are on the continue reading

The Most Notorious Auto Defects in History Part 2: GM’s Ignition Switch

Posted On February 26, 2018 In Personal Injury

There have been many auto defect scandals over the past few decades. We published a prior blog on our website that discusses how the Ford Pinto severely damaged the reputation of one of the world’s largest automakers. The Ford Pinto is only the tip of the iceberg. Other automakers have also knowingly released dangerous products continue reading

The Most Notorious Auto Defects in History Part 1: The Ford Pinto

Posted On January 29, 2018 In Personal Injury

The Ford Pinto is responsible for one of the most infamous auto industry scandals in US history. This once-popular subcompact car is also a terrifying example of what can happen to consumers when products contain deadly safety defects. Fuel tanks in these vehicles were prone to being punctured or rupturing during low-speed, rear-end collisions. Gasoline continue reading

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