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Truck Wreck Video from our Accident Injury Lawyer

Posted On June 17, 2016 In Video Library

Representing Victims of Trucker Accidents Throughout Texas

After a wreck, the trucking company and its insurance company will be on the scene of the accident almost immediately. They are seeking to take control of the evidence, including the truck, the onboard computer, the driver log book and more. Without an accident injury lawyer demanding this important evidence be preserved as soon as possible, victims will be at an extreme disadvantage when filing a personal injury claim for an 18 wheeler accident.

Lufkin truck accident lawyers Mike Love and Sam Johnson can be on your side almost immediately after a Texas wreck. They know how to deal with the trucking company, its insurance adjusters and lawyers. Mike Love is not only familiar with trucking regulations and rules, but he knows how the companies act after an accident. Our law firm does not let the truck company get away with making a low settlement offer while victims are stuck with increasing hospital bills, lost wages and other damages. We represent people who have been involved in a truck accident in Texas.

Video Transcript About Truck Accident Law from an Accident Injury Lawyer

If you have been seriously injured in an 18 wheeler accident, you need the experience of Mike Love & Associates, LLC to protect your rights while you get back on your feet. While you were being loaded in the ambulance, others were getting their stories straight. While you try to get back to work, important documents may be altered or even destroyed. Call the law firm of Mike Love & Associates, LLC toll free. The other side has already started fighting. Let us fight back.

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